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Seeking Assist For Study Papers 0

Seeking Assist For Study Papers

Seeking Assist For Study Papers Computer essay creating service to its customers. Many due to its leading course quality have got loads of function and have received to finish the work on tough deadlines....

Professional Essay Help 0

Professional Essay Help

Professional Essay Help If you are about to start college or college, you will require some school essay writing suggestions to help you stay out of difficulty when you have to hand in your...

Двойной вибратор 0

Двойной вибратор

  Двойной вибратор – это отличное решение для женщин, которые желают секса с двумя партнерами. Большего диаметра фаллос вставляется во влагалище, а меньшего диаметра- в анус. Сексуальный аксессуар идеален для опытных и умелых...


Install magento2 in Nginx server Ubuntu 14.04

Tutorial setup magento in LEMP Ubuntu 14.04 1. Update the system and install necessary packages sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade sudo apt-get install software-properties-common curl nano 2. Install MariaDB over 10.0...

Authentication trong Laravel 5.1 bài 1 1

Authentication trong Laravel 5.1 bài 1

Mới ra bản laravel 5.2 nhưng mình sẽ chưa hướng dẫn vì bản mới nhất chưa ổn định và còn lỗi khi chạy thử.   1. Setup laravel theo hướng dẫn ở trang chủ...

Product information 1

add attribute to order magento. Thêm mới attribute cho order magento

1.) Create a file at app/etc/modules/ and name it whatever you want. I will name it Long_Custom.xml Paste this code in that file:

in this file /app/code/local/Long/Custom/etc/config.xml

and create this file /app/code/local/Long/Custom/sql/custom_setup/install-0.1.0.php and add...

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